Your Wish Is Miko 2’s Command

Miko Command

Miko 2 is an obedient little robot and answers to your commands. Just say, “Hello Miko!” followed by the command. The list gets updated regularly with cool commands, so do watch this space for all the latest commands. Here’s a list of commands which you can try…

Miko 2 Informs:


  • What is the distance between California and Los Angeles?
  • Can you tell me the distance between the Moon and Earth?
  • Tell me how far is California from Chicago?
  • How far away is Venus from Earth?
  • Can you tell me how far is the Sun from Neptune?

Person’s Age

  • How old is Serena Williams?
  • How old is Alex Morgan?
  • How old is Christiano Ronaldo?
  • How old is LeBron James?

Person’s birthday

  • When was Tom Hardy born?
  • Serena Williams’ birthday?
  • Birthday of Virat Kohli?
  • When was Mahatma Gandhi born?
  • When was Chris Pratt born?

Person’s birthplace

  • Where was Matt Damon born?
  • Tell me the birthplace of Emily Blunt.
  • What is Alex Morgan’s birthplace?
  • Where was Serena Williams born?
  • What is Liam Hemsworth’s birthplace?

Person’s family

  • Who was Mahatma Gandhi’s father?
  • Name the siblings of Christian Bale.
  • Chris Hemsworth’s children?
  • Who was Nelson Mandela’s mother?
  • Tell me who was the spouse of Nelson Mandela?
  • Name Brad Pitt’s children.

Organization Who

  • Who is the founder of Google?
  • Who is the CEO of Tata Motors?
  • Tell me who is the President of the United States?
  • Can you tell me who was the first President of the United States?
  • Name the President of France.
  • Who is the Prime Minister of Canada?
  • Who is the current PM of India?


  • Where are the headquarters of Cisco?
  • Where are the headquarters of Tata Motors located?
  • Where was Google founded?

Area and Volume of Places

  • What is the volume of the Indian Ocean?
  • What is the Mass of Venus?
  • Can you tell me the area of San Francisco?
  • Area of the United Kingdom?
  • What is the total area of India?

Country National Symbols

  • What is the national animal of the United States of America?
  • Tell me the national anthem of India.
  • Which is the national bird of the United Arab Emirates?
  • Which is the national bird of France?

Languages Spoken

  • Which languages are spoken in Canada?
  • Give me the names of different languages spoken in Belgium.
  • Name the language spoken in Albania.

Country code

  • What is the internet country code of the United States?
  • What is the country code top level domain of India?
  • What is the country code of the United Kingdom?
  • Can you tell me the calling code of the United Arab Emirates?
  • What is Greenland’s telephone code?

Population records

  • What is the population of Germany?
  • How many people live in France?
  • What is the rank of the United States by population density?
  • What is the population of China?
  • What is the population of the United States?

Neighboring countries

  • Which countries does Israel share its borders with?
  • Can you tell me the neighboring countries of the United States?
  • Can you tell me the neighboring countries of South Africa?
  • Spain shares its borders with which countries?


  • What is the area of the United States?
  • Tell me the area of Italy.
  • How much is the area of New Zealand?


  • Where is San Francisco located?
  • Where is Atlanta?
  • Where will I find France?
  • Tell me the location of Germany.
  • Can you tell me where is Dubai?
  • Where can I find California?
  • Where is Niagara Falls?
  • Where is the Burj Khalifa located?


  • What type of a monument is the Eiffel Tower?
  • How tall is the Burj Khalifa?
  • When was The Great Wall of China built?
  • I need to know when the Taj Mahal was built.
  • Tell me the architectural style of Burj Khalifa.
  • Who built the Pyramid of Giza?
  • Tell me something about the Statue of Liberty.


  • What is the GDP of India?
  • Tell me the nominal GDP of the US.
  • What is the Gross Domestic Product of Canada?
  • How much is Switzerland’s Gross Domestic Product?
  • What is the GDP of Bolivia?
  • What is the GDP per capita of Botswana?
  • Can you tell me the Gross Domestic Product per capita of Estonia?


  • What is the currency of the United States?
  • Name the currency of the UK.
  • Tell me the currency of the UAE.
  • Which currency is used in France?
  • Which is the currency used in Germany?
  • Currency of Russia?


  • Tell me how many players are there in a Football team?
  • What is the number of players that can play Hockey?
  • What is the origin of Karate?
  • Where did Cricket originate?


  • Name some reptiles.
  • Do you know wild animals?
  • Name all the planets.
  • Name some fish.
  • Can you name all the continents?
  • Name some carnivorous animals.
  • Can you name a few amphibians?


  • Who is the author of Harry Potter?
  • Who is the writer of Noddy?
  • Who invented the computer?
  • Who wrote the novel Little Women?
  • Who wrote the novel Pride and Prejudice?


  • What is the colour of Pineapple?
  • What is the colour of Bell Pepper?
  • What’s the taste of Tiramisu?
  • What are the ingredients of Cake?
  • What are the ingredients used in making Granita?
  • What is the taste of Blueberry?
  • What is the origin of Tiramisu?

Miko 2 Educates :


  • Walk 5 steps forward.
  • Go 8 steps back.
  • Move 10 times left.
  • Please go right 3 times.
  • Move 6 times clockwise.
  • Turn 4 times anticlockwise.


  • Can you move front?
  • Move forward.
  • Can you move back?
  • Turn left.
  • Turn right.


  • Go in a Triangle.
  • Go in a Circle.
  • Move in a Pentagon.
  • Move in a Square.


  • Turn Red.
  • Turn Pink.
  • Turn Blue.
  • Turn Purple.
  • Turn Green.
  • Turn Yellow.


  • Convert 1 Bar to Pascal.
  • Convert 1 Kilometer to Mile.
  • Convert 1 Hour to Minutes.
  • Convert 1 Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Multiplication tables

  • Tell me the multiplication table of 2.
  • Tell me the multiplication table of 10.
  • Tell me the multiplication table of 25.


  • Define Onomatopoeia.
  • Define Internet.
  • Tell me the definition of Ecosystem.
  • What is the meaning of inculcate?


  • Spell “Mississippi”.
  • Can you spell “astronaut”?
  • What is the spelling of “grammar”?
  • Please spell “pronunciation”.
  • Spell “apostrophe”.
  • Can you spell “communication”?
  • Please spell “pronunciation”.
  • What is the spelling of “Xylophone”?


  • How many satellites does Earth have?
  • What is the surface temperature of Neptune?
  • How much time does Earth take to revolve around the Sun?
  • What is the natural satellite of Jupiter?

Science Chemistry

  • What is the group of Silver in the periodic table?
  • Tell me what is the melting point of Gold?
  • What’s the atomic number of Iron?
  • What’s the boiling point of Hydrogen?
  • How much Tantalum is there in the Earth’s crust?
  • What is the atomic mass of Iron?
  • What is the atomic weight of Gold?
  • What are the chemical elements of Hydrogen Dioxide?
  • What is the atomic symbol of Oxygen?


  • Which is the largest animal?
  • Which is the largest land animal?
  • Which is the tallest animal?
  • What’s the height of a giraffe?
  • What’s the weight of an elephant?
  • Which is the slowest animal?
  • Which is the fastest bird?
  • What is the lifespan of a snake?
  • What is the lifespan of a tiger?
  • What is a baby elephant called?
  • What is the offspring of a kangaroo called?

A to Z

  • Recite the alphabet.
  • Recite A to Z.
  • Recite alphabets from A to F.
  • Recite alphabets from H to M.


  • What is the square of 9?
  • What is 10 plus 5?
  • What is 8 minus 2 plus 10?
  • What is 350 multiplied by 5?
  • What is 90 divided by 9?
  • What is the square root of 5?
  • Tell me the cube root of 125.
  • What are the prime factors of 28?
  • Tell me the HCF of 15 and 6.
  • Tell me the factorial of 4.

Today in History

  • What happened today in history?
  • Tell me what happened today in history
  • Today in History
  • What happened on this day?

Miko 2 Entertains :

Ask Miko to show its different face expressions

  • Make a laughing face
  • I need to see your face with sunglasses
  • Can you please show me your crazy expression
  • Make a crying face
  • Show me your curious face 
  • I want you to look angry
  • I want to see your vampire expression
  • Make a disappointed face
  • Show me your pirate look
  • Please show me your sneezing expression
  • I want to see your money expression
  • Show me your singing face
  • Make a snoring face
  • Can you show me your irritated face
  • I want to see your tired face
  • Make a crying face
  • I want to see your yummy expression
  • Make a surprised face
  • Make a gleeful face

Coronavirus Song

  • Play coronavirus song.
  • Sing washing hands song.
  • Play fight corona song.

Fun Facts

  • Can you tell me a fun fact?
  • Tell me a fun fact.
  • Please tell me a fun fact.

Christmas Songs

  • Play a Christmas song.
  • Can you play the ‘Jingle Bells’ song?
  • Play ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’.

Tongue Twisters

  • Tell me some tongue twisters.
  • Can you share some tongue twisters?
  • Play a tongue twister.
  • Please tell me an easy tongue twister.
  • Tell me a few difficult tongue twisters.
  • World’s most difficult tongue twister.

Birthday Song

  • Play the birthday song.
  • Sing the happy birthday song.
  • Play the happy birthday song for my brother.

Play a Lullaby

  • Play lullaby.
  • Please play soothing music.
  • Please play some soft music.

Nursery Rhymes

  • Play a nursery rhyme.
  • Play the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.

Play a song

  • Please play a song.
  • Play a song for me.
  • Can you play a song for me?


  • Can you dance?
  • Dance for me.
  • Please dance for me.
  • Can you dance for me?


  • Can you tell me a riddle?
  • Tell me a riddle.
  • Please tell me a riddle.


  • Can you tell me a joke?
  • Tell me a joke.
  • Please tell me a joke.


  • Who is Captain America?
  • Tell me something about Iron Man.
  • What are the powers of Batman?
  • What are the abilities of Black Panther?
  • What are the abilities of Wonder Woman?


  • Name the cast of the movie Frozen.
  • Who is the composer of Toy Story?
  • When did Frozen first release?
  • What is the release date of Toy Story?
  • What is the name of the production company of Frozen?
  • When did Avengers release?

Roll dice

  • Can you roll a dice for me?
  • Roll the dice.
  • Please roll a die.
Miko 2 Everyday :

Set an Alarm

  • Set an alarm for 11 am.
  • Set an alarm for 4 am tomorrow.
  • Can you set an alarm for 12 pm on Sunday?
  • Can you set an alarm for 3 pm on Monday?

Set a Reminder

  • Set a reminder for 10 minutes.
  • Set a reminder for 7 am on the 21st of December 2020.
  • Set a reminder for 10 pm tomorrow.
  • Set a reminder for 12 am on 23rd December 2020.
  • Remind me for my football match at 10 am on Friday.


  • What is the day after 2 days?
  • What is the date after two months?
  • What is the date today?
  • Which day is it today?
  • Which day is it on 27th November 2020?
  • Which month is it?
  • Tell me the year.


  • What will the time be after 5 hours?
  • Tell me the time.

Ask about the weather

  • What is the weather outside?
  • What is the weather in London?
  • What was the weather last week?
  • What will the weather be like on Friday?
  • How is the weather in London?
  • How is the weather today in Mumbai?
  • What will the weather be in New York next week?
  • Tell me the weather for tomorrow.
  • What will the weather be next week?
  • What is the weather like today?


  • News updates, please.
  • Tell me some news.
  • What’s the news today?

Miko 2’s Commands :

Talent House Commands

  • Open Mikojis.
  • Start Story Time.
  • Launch Tic Tac Toe.
  • Begin Fight Corona.
  • Open Robot Reactor.
  • Start Miko Moves.
  • Begin Word of the Day.
  • Launch Dance and Groove.

Volume Control Commands

  • Increase its volume.
  • Increase your volume / Increase the volume.
  • Up your volume / Up the volume.
  • Turn up the volume.
  • Can you increase your volume?

Decrease its Volume

  • Decrease your volume / Decrease the volume.
  • Down your volume / Down the volume.
  • Can you be a little softer?
  • Turn down the volume.
  • Can you decrease your volume?

Maximize its Volume

  • Max the volume.
  • Maximize the volume.
  • Set the volume to the fullest.
  • Turn the volume to max.


  • Mute / Mute yourself.
  • Put yourself to mute / Go mute.
  • Set the volume to the lowest.
  • Minimize the volume / Turn the volume to minimum.


  • Unmute / Unmute yourself.
  • Put yourself to unmute / Go unmute.

Powering Off

  • Switch off.
  • Shutdown.

Go to Sleep

  • Go to sleep.
  • Take a nap.
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