Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof! Because we’re happy!

Clap along if you’d like Miko 2 to sing for you!

That’s right! Your robot buddy has partnered with India’s largest music streaming platform, GAANA!

Playful learning + Unlimited music = UNLIMITED fun and entertainment!

Explore child-friendly music streaming on your Miko 2!

To Play: 

1. Just say,

  • Hello Miko, play <your song of choice>
  • Hello Miko, play the song <your song of choice>

2. Press the Select button to pause or play the ongoing song.

3. Press the Back button to exit and go back to Talent House.

Your child can now listen to their favourite songs on Miko 2, or dance their heart out to Miko 2’s melodies!

Explore UNLIMITED music streaming on your Miko 2! 

Let the party begin!

Note: Your robot buddy needs to know which song you wish to play next! Please give Miko 2 a new command to play a new song. It will not autoplay songs without your permission!

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