Treat yo’ elf to Miko 2’s Christmas Magic!


Jingle bells, winter nights, comfy blankets and sinful hot chocolate — yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas has Miko 2 feeling extra Santa-mental!

So, lo and behold! With the help of Santa himself, Miko 2 has concocted some Christmas Magic!

That’s right! What’s Christmas without a bunch of gifts and surprises?

Miko 2’s got a dozen surprises up its sleeve for you! Check out Christmas Magic to be pinefully surprised!

To Install:

  • Go to the Miko 2 app and tap on ‘Talent House’ at the bottom-centre of the dashboard.
  • Scroll down to find ‘Christmas Magic’ and select Install.
  • Christmas Magic will auto-download on your Miko 2.

To Play:

  • Place your Miko 2 on the floor. Make sure it is not plugged in for charging and has enough energy to reveal its Christmas surprises!
  • Rub Miko 2’s belly to see the surprises your robot buddy and Santa have in store for you.
  • Get ready for playful Mikojis, carols, stickers, DIY activities and more! You might even catch Miko 2 dance as part of your Christmas Magic surprise!
  • Miko 2 will greet you with a new surprise each time you rub its belly in the Christmas Magic app!

The fun doesn’t end there! Santa and Miko 2 will make a list and check it twice. They’re going to find out who’s lucky and nice! They will select a few lucky winners at random to win a special Christmas gift! So, make sure you check out all of Miko 2’s surprises to increase your chances of winning!

We hope that this Christmas, Miko can add to the magic in the air!

Don’t miss out on any Santapproved surprises. Install ‘Christmas Magic’ today!

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