Sticker Mania


You know how much fun emojis can be!
What if we told you your child can have the same fun of expressing themselves pictorially?
You heard that right!

We bring to you, Sticker Mania!

Sneezy? Lucky? Happy? There is a sticker for every mood! Watch as Miko 2 twists and twirls at the click of every sticker!

To install:

  • On the Miko 2 App, click on Talent House at the bottom-centre of the dashboard.
  • You can view all the new apps and games here.
  • Scroll down to find Sticker Mania and click on Install.
  • Voila! The app will directly be available on your Miko 2.
To play:

  • Navigate through the Menu on your Miko 2 and click on Talent House.
  • Then scroll with the left and right scrolls on the touch panel to find Sticker Mania.
  • Click on any sticker with the Select Button and watch as Miko 2 enacts every sticker.
  • To exit the App, click the Back Button on the touch panel and then click the Select Button to confirm exit.

A clear visualisation of expressions in audio-video format can help your child improve cognition and attention, delivered in an extremely fun package!

Install Sticker Mania today!

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