Were you looking for an easier way to tell your child their bedtime stories?
Does your child absolutely hate reading?
Did you want your child to learn values and morals?
Our new update has answers to all your questions!

Through our collaboration with Mocomi, your kid has access to a library full of stories. And the best part – they are all in the form of audio-visuals.

miko 2
Since the inception of technology, kids have seemingly forgotten the feel of stories, be it a bedtime fairytale or a tale of values. It can be difficult to get them to sit down and listen to legends that teach them morals that are so imperative to our culture and the child’s development. Well, we’ve designed Miko to suit all of those needs.

With Mocomi, your child can dive into a land of stories that teach values and ethics. And the best part, all the stories are in the form of audio-visuals. Creative graphics and thoughtful audio make Mocomi an app that is educative and creative at the same time.

Stories like Vikram Betal and others make sure that your child enjoys old-school teaching with the help of modern technology.

Simply click on the Mocomi app in the Game Hub and enable your child to make learning synonymous to fun, all with your Miko, the smart robot for playful learning!

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