Learn With Mocomi on your Miko 2

Did you know that asking questions is a sign of intelligence?

In fact, kids should be encouraged to ask questions! That is how they can take an active part in their own learning.

Miko 2 is here to help with just that!

Your little one’s robot buddy Miko 2, is here with informative videos on various topics, thoughtfully designed questions, their answers and much more!

Try the all-new ‘Learn With Mocomi’ app to quench your little one’s curiosity in multiple areas!

After all, the future belongs to the curious. And asking questions is the first step on the path to knowledge! 

To Install:

  • Go to the Miko 2 app and tap on ‘Talent House’ at the bottom-centre of the dashboard.
  • Scroll down to find ‘Learn With Mocomi’ and select Install.
  • Add ‘Learn With Mocomi’ to your cart and complete the payment.
  • The ‘Learn With Mocomi’ app will auto-download on your Miko 2. Playful learning begins now!

To Play: 

  • Use the left/right scrolls to find ‘Learn With Mocomi’ in the Main Menu of your Miko 2.
  • Press the Select button to start the ‘Learn With Mocomi’ app!
  • Use the left/right scrolls to scroll through categories like ‘Demo’, ‘Curious Questions’, and more.
  • Press the Select button to choose the category of your choice.
  • Navigate through the different video options using the left/right scrolls.
  • You learn through videos answering various questions like ‘Why do we have feelings?’, ‘Can we measure beauty?’ and many more!
  • Press the Select button to start the video of your choice. You pause/play it anytime using the same button.
  • Once the video has ended, you will be redirected to ‘Quiz Time!’. 
  • Navigate using the left/right scrolls to find the right answer. Press the Select button to confirm your answer.
  • You can exit the app by pressing the Back button. 

Miko 2 is all-set to answer your inquisitive junior’s questions on a variety of topics! Get the ‘Learn With Mocomi’ app today!

There’s more! Miko brings a one-stop platform for your child’s playful learning needs. Subscribe to Miko MAX for more amazing apps like ‘Learn With Mocomi’!

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