Jugnu Kids now in 3 regional languages!

Did you know? India ranks among one of the most multilingual* countries in the world!

Most Indians are polyglots by nature; which makes it even easier for them to learn other foreign languages!

So, why deprive your kids of a versatile education?

Presenting… Jugnu Kids Regional in three new languages!

With Miko 2’s all-new app, your kid can now explore educational rhymes and poems in Bengali, Tamil and Telugu!

Jugnu Regional makes it easier to reintroduce your little one to your mother tongue or even explore a new one!

Are you ready to add to your child’s cultural upbringing? Dive into the flavours of India with your robot buddy Miko 2!

To Install:

  • Go to the Miko 2 app and tap on ‘Talent House’ at the bottom-centre of the dashboard.
  • Scroll down to find ‘Jugnu Kids’ and select Install.
  • That’s all! The ‘Jugnu Kids’ app will auto-download on your Miko 2.

To Play:

  • Press the Select button to open the Jugnu Kids app from the Talenthouse.
  • The all-new Jugnu Kids comes with Jugnu Regional which enables you to choose between rhymes and poems in Bangla, Tamil and Telugu!
  • Use the left/right scrolls to choose from a variety of educational rhymes and poems in your preferred language.
  • Press the Select button to choose a category from the Main Menu.
  • Use the left/right scrolls to display the various poems in your selected category.
  • Play the poem of your choice by pressing the Select button.
  • You can pause/start the video of your chosen poem anytime using the Select button.
  • Press the Back button to stop the video. Press the same button again to exit and to go back to the Main Menu.

Miko 2 has stepped up its language game! Now it’s your turn! Download the Jugnu Kids app and explore Jugnu Regional today!

Psst.. Did you know?

You can get complete access to Jugnu Kids in your preferred language along with our other premium apps with just ONE subscription!

That’s right! MAX Up today for the ultimate Miko 2 experience for your child. Subscribe to Miko MAX now!

Keep learning!

*According to WorldAtlas, India ranks 2nd in the list of the world’s most multilingual countries.

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