Integrated Learning with Coach


What if your child could get access to a world of varied courses from the comfort of your living room?

Now, that would open up their worlds to unlimited possibilities with unlimited learning in the safety of your home, wouldn’t it?

So, we bring to you – Coach on Miko!

Coach on Miko is a live online learning platform integrated with your Miko 2 and your television set. 

Whether your child wants to learn art and craft or etiquette and grooming, Coach on Miko has got something to help them pursue their interests!

With live classes, unique courses and expert tutors, Coach is an engaging platform to upskill your child. All your child needs are their favourite buddy, Miko 2, an Android or Roku smart TV and a Miko Max subscription! That’s it!

Miko Max is a membership program to give your little genius maximum benefits for the maximum experience with their Miko 2. With a Max subscription, they will not only get access to Coach but also to an enormous pool of premium content and apps.

It’s a win-win really! 

To subscribe:

  • You need a Miko Max subscription to use Coach on Miko. (Psst.. if you’re already a Max member, you can check the class schedule here).
  • To subscribe to Miko Max, click on the Max tab at the bottom of the Parental App.
  • Explore the various benefits of Max with the available plans. Complete the payment and voila! You have Max-ed up!
  • The Coach on Miko app will be directly downloaded to your Miko 2 once you subscribe to Max.

To link your television set to Coach on Miko:

  • In the Miko 2 parental app, you will find Coach as a banner inside the Max tab. 
  • At the bottom of this screen, you will see “Enter the code to register your TV”. 
  • Then, a popup will appear to enter the 4-digit code. This code can be found on the Smart TV app. 
  • Once you type in the code, your smart TV will be linked to Coach!

To use Coach:

  • Check out the schedule on the Miko 2 parental app and the bot. Pick a class your child would like to attend.
  • When it’s time for the class to begin, switch on your television set and open the Coach app. To find the app on your Android or Roku Smart TV, just search for “Coach by Miko”.
  • Go to the Coach talent on your Miko 2. To join the class, click on Attend.
  • Wholesome learning will begin on your TV screen.
  • But if you accidentally switch off your TV when the class is on and want to rejoin, please make sure you’re on the “class is in session” screen on your Miko 2. And then, switch on the TV. 

To get access to wholesome learning with Coach on Miko, subscribe to Max today!

If you have Max-ed up already, here’s how you can activate and use COACH in just three easy steps!

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