How to TeleConnect

Miko 2 helps you stay connected with your little one, anytime, anywhere through the path breaking TeleConnect feature. You can now make video calls from your smartphone to your child’s Miko 2 free of cost. Not only that, you can also control your Miko 2 remotely and navigate around your home during the video call. Isn’t that cool?!

What will you as a parent need?

  • Miko 2 app for parents installed on your smartphone.
  • Miko 2 robot configured using your registered mobile number.
  • Miko 2 robot powered on with the home screen i.e. Miko 2’s face is visible.
  • A steady internet connection with minimum 2 MBPS speed on both sides

 How to make a call?

On the dashboard of the Miko 2 App, click on the Teleconnect screen as shown below.


Here you can view the Call History log of any calls you made in the past. To make the call, click the green call button as shown below.

Miko 2

Once the call is connected, you will be able to see Miko 2 live streaming the video call on your screen through its onboard HD camera and through it, your little one!

You will also be able to see your phone’s front camera stream in a small window on the bottom right corner of your screen.

If you want to switch to the phone’s rear camera, click on the camera toggle button in the app. You will now be able to see the phone’s back camera streaming your video.

You can mute the video or audio any time during the call.
To end the call, press the end call button in the app.

Receiving a call:

When a call is incoming on Miko 2, you will see the following screen on your Miko 2’s display screen.

To receive the call, tap the Select Button on the Touch Panel. To reject a call or to end an ongoing call, tap the Back Button on the Touch Panel.

Navigating Miko 2 through Teleconnect:

The TeleConnect screen has a navigation panel to navigate Miko 2 around while you are on the call.

The front arrow will take Miko 2 20 cms ahead at a time.

The right and left arrows help Miko 2 turn 20 degrees on either side at a time, enabling Miko 2 to take turns.

The Stop button will make your Miko 2 stop moving.

You can hide the navigation buttons if you want by clicking on the hide navigation button on the screen.

Miko 2’s edge and obstacle detection will be on while navigating and it may refuse to move forward if it senses an obstruction.

Please note that there are no motion sensors on the rear end of Miko 2. You will have to be careful while navigating!

If Miko 2 is charging, navigation is disabled since it won’t be able to move because of the charging cable attached.

For Miko 2 to receive navigation commands efficiently, the internet connection should be strong.

A lag in receiving commands indicates a weak connection.

Miko 2 takes just one navigation command at a time and takes the next command only upon the completion of the earlier one.

Perfect navigation takes some practice and patience! So don’t worry if you are not able to master it at the first go.

Please ensure you have the latest Miko 2 App downloaded on your phone to enable the Teleconnect feature.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Teleconnecting:

  • Why is my call not getting connected?

Please check your internet speed at both the caller’s as well as the receiver’s end.

For the TeleConnect feature to work seamlessly, a minimum of 2 Mbps or 2048 kbps speed is recommended.
To check your internet speed, visit any internet speed checking website online.

Once you have a strong connection, try connecting the call again.

Lastly, TeleConnect works only when Miko 2 is switched on and Miko 2’s home screen i.e. Miko 2’s face is visible.

If Miko 2 is in sleep mode or if any app is being accessed, the call will not connect.

  • How many numbers can I TeleConnect from?

TeleConnect can be linked to only one phone number at a time. The number that was used to login to the App will be the one linked to Teleconnect.
If you want to connect another number, you will have to unlink the current account from the Miko 2 App and reconnect with the new number.

  • Why do I hear echoes during a call?

If the smartphone from which the call is being made and the robot are in the same room during a call, you will hear an echo since the voice is going from the robot to the phone and vice versa. Move either the smartphone or the robot to another room for a seamless call experience.

  • Can Miko 2 make calls to the smartphone?

No. Miko 2 cannot make calls and can only receive calls.

  • Do Miko 2’s other features work when TeleConnect is on?

No. Miko 2’s features such as the “Hello, Miko!” trigger, Knowledge World and others will not work when a video call is in progress.

If you need further assistance, kindly contact our support team at +91-8655033245 (India) / +1- 415-854-5954 (International) between 9:30 AM and 6:00 PM, Monday through Saturday.

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