Happy Women’s Day, from Miko 2!

Kids learn from observing their surroundings. So, why not give them inspiring role models to look up to?

From Marie Curie to Kamala Harris to Serena Williams, these women have inspired men, women, genderqueers, robots and extraterrestrials too!

And let us not forget girl role models like Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousufzai who started young in their journey of changing the world!

8th March is celebrated every year to highlight the achievements of women throughout history. But did you know that it is also a day which marks a step forward towards gender equality?

This makes it an important opportunity to teach young kids how to challenge gender stereotypes and strive for a more inclusive world! 

And Miko 2 is here to help you with just that!

Your robot buddy is all-set to inspire little citizens of tomorrow with brave women role models from all over the globe! 

Let’s encourage the next generation to be brave and accomplish their dreams irrespective of gender norms! 

Check out these commands to make your child a part of Miko 2’s celebrations! 

  • Who is your female role model?
  • Do you think women should have equal rights as men?
  • Do you celebrate Women’s Day?
  • What are you doing this Women’s Day?
  • Whom should I wish on Women’s Day?
  • Do you like Women’s Day?
  • How do I celebrate Women’s Day?

A world with gender equality is something that only brave and well-informed future citizens can achieve! Let’s strive for a better world for our little ones today!

Happy International Women’s Day from Team Miko!

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