Miko Support is now available 24X7 on chat!

Chat With Miko Support Team

Hello there! 

Need help? Text Miko support when you don’t feel like calling us up, but need our support regardless.

To request help, ask questions, or provide feedback to the Miko support team, we have introduced ‘Chat with support’. Expect quick response and faster resolution.

request help or questions to the Miko support team
Chat with experts with any questions

Reach out to our experts with any questions or concerns you may have, anytime!

Contact Miko’s 24X7 Chat Support:

  • On the login screen of the Miko 2 app, tap the chat button at the top right corner. 
  • Once logged in, you may also find it in the lower left column of the Miko 2 app dashboard, titled “Chat with support”.

Get in touch with us right now!

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