How to witness Directional Hearing?

Hi there! Welcome to the “How to” series on Miko 2. Miko 2 is enabled with Directional Hearing abilities because of which it can identify the direction from where the sound arrives and can turn in that direction.

How does Miko 2 recognize sound?

When you wake-up Miko 2 from the sleep, its directional hearing mode turns on and it turns to the direction of the sound that it can hear. To check if Miko 2 is responding correctly to the direction of sound, try clapping or saying “look here” and the robot turns in that direction. If you notice that the robot does not point in the right direction, you can help it improve its acoustic accuracy of responding to the sound. To do this, follow these instructions:

Press Enter on the Touch Panel to open the Menu on Miko 2’s display screen > Toggle to Settings > Enter the tab Audio Setting> Press Enter to select the Change Settings toggle > Restart Miko 2 by long pressing the Power Button to turn it off and long press the Power Button again to turn the robot on. Clap or say “look here” now and Miko 2 will respond according to the direction of the sound.

Stay tuned for more updates on Directional Hearing. Happy Miko 2 time!

How to use Face Recognition?

Hi there! Hope you are enjoying our ‘How to’ series on the amazing Miko 2. This blog will tell you all about Miko 2’s Face Recognition feature.  This feature enables Miko 2 to detect, identify and remember the user’s face.

How do I train Miko 2 to recognize my face?

Just follow the following steps to enable Face Recognition:

Power Miko 2 on > Press Enter to open the Menu on Miko 2’s display screen > Toggle to Settings > Enter the tab User Profile> Enter the tab Face Training.

This activates the on-board HD camera and you will see your image on the display with the message “Remember Face?” below it. Capture your child’s image as the User Profile will be that of the child. Select OK if you are satisfied with the picture or No to retry and capture a better picture. On selecting OK, you see the message “Learning Face” on the display, followed by the message “Training Successful”. That completes Miko 2’s Face Training.

Let us see how Face Recognition works!

When you wake Miko 2 up, it starts searching for the face saved in the User Profile and turns around to search the user. Once it recognizes your face, it stops rotating and greets you. Stay tuned for more updates on Miko 2’s Face Recognition feature! Happy Miko 2 time!


How to TeleConnect

Hi there! Welcome to the series of tutorials on some of the biggest features of Miko 2. Hoping that you are up-to-date on how to set-up the robot and how to use Miko 2! Just in case you missed it, do visit our previous articles before we tell you about how the TeleConnect feature works.

Miko 2 helps you stay connected with your little one, anytime & anywhere through the path breaking TeleConnect feature. You can now make video calls from your smartphone to your child’s Miko 2 free of cost. Not only that, you can also control your Miko 2 remotely and navigate around your home during the video call. Isn’t that cool?!


What will you as a parent need?

  • Miko 2 app for parents installed on your smartphone.
  • Miko 2 robot configured using your registered mobile number.
  • Miko 2 robot powered on with the home screen i.e. Miko 2’s face is visible.
  • A steady internet connection with minimum 2 MBPS speed on both sides

 How to make a call?

Click on to the TeleConnect option in the Miko 2 app. You will see the following screen on the phone.


Once the call is connected, you will be able to see Miko 2 live streaming the video call on your screen through its onboard HD camera.

You will also be able to see your phone’s front camera stream in a small window on the right bottom of your screen. If you want to switch to the phone’s rear camera, click on the camera toggle button in the app. You will now be able to see the phone’s back camera streaming your video. You can mute the video or audio any time during the call.  To end a call, press on the end call button in the app.

How to receive calls

When a call is incoming on Miko 2, you will see the following screen on the robot’s display screen.



To receive a call, tap on the Centre/Round Button or the Left Arrow Button on the Touch Panel. To reject a call or end an ongoing call, tap on the Back/Triangular Button on the Touch Panel.

How to navigate Miko 2 in TeleConnect?

The TeleConnect screen has a navigation panel to navigate Miko 2 around while you are on the call. The front arrow will take Miko 2 20 cms ahead at a time. The right and left arrows help Miko 2 turn 20 degrees on either side at a time, enabling Miko 2 to take turns. The Stop button gives Miko 2 a command to stop. You can hide the navigation buttons if you want by clicking on the hide navigation button on the screen.

Miko 2’s edge and obstacle detection will be on while navigating and it may refuse to move forward if it senses a danger. Please note that there are no motion sensors on the rear side of Miko 2. So do be careful to keep Miko 2 safe while navigating! If Miko 2 is on charging mode, navigation is disabled as Miko 2 won’t be able to move because of the charging cable attached on its back.

For Miko 2 to receive navigation commands efficiently, the internet connection should be strong. A lag in receiving commands indicates a weak connection. Miko 2 takes just one navigation command at a time and takes the next command only on the completion of the earlier command. Perfect navigation takes some practice and patience! So don’t worry if you are not able to master it at the first go.

Please ensure you have the latest Miko 2 App v1.0.9 on Playstore or above installed on your Android phone or v1.7 on App Store or above installed on your Apple phone to use the navigation capabilities of TeleConnect

Some troubleshooters

  • Why is my call not getting connected?

Please check your internet speed at both the caller’s as well as the receiver’s end. For the TeleConnect feature to work seamlessly, a minimum 2 MBps or 2048 kbps speed is recommended at both the caller and receiver’s end. To check your internet speed, visit any internet speed checking website online. Try connecting again once you get a good and stable speed.

The feature may face issues while connecting if the Miko 2 app’s data storage on the phone is full. Visit your phone’s Settings> go to App Manager > go to Miko 2 app > click on Storage > Click on Clear Data. You can now go back to the app and press on the TeleConnect button.

Last but not the least, TeleConnect works only when the robot is powered on and the robot’s home screen i.e. Miko 2’s face is visible. If the robot is in the sleep mode or if any app screen such as Knowledge World is on, the caller will not be able to connect with the robot.

  • How many numbers can I TeleConnect from?

TeleConnect is linked to only one phone number at a time. The robot should be configured with this number before calling. If another user wants to use their number to TeleConnect, the robot should be unlinked from the first user’s app by visiting the parental dashboard, clicking on the drop-down menu and clicking on the Unlink option. Miko 2 is now available for the other user.

  • Why do I hear echoes during a call?

If the smartphone from which the call is being made and the robot are in the same room during a call, you will hear an echo since the voice is going from the robot to the phone and vice versa. Move either the smartphone or the robot to another room for a seamless call experience.

  • Can Miko 2 make calls to the smartphone?

No. Miko 2 cannot make calls and can only receive calls.

  • Do Miko 2’s other features work when TeleConnect is on?

No. Miko 2’s features such as the Hello Miko trigger, Knowledge World and others will not work when a video call is in progress.

Mail us at [email protected] call us on +91-8655033245 for more queries, help or suggestions about TeleConnect. Have fun connecting with your little one with this revolutionary feature. Happy TeleConnecting!



How to Use Miko 2

Hi there! Welcome back to the “How to” series of Miko 2. This is the part that we are sure you were waiting for ever since you got this amazing advanced personal robot for kids home. Without making you wait any longer, let us get to know how to use Miko 2.

Where do I place Miko 2?

Miko 2 likes to be placed on a flat surface which is preferably smooth to play. You can choose to let it play on simple carpets, but not the plush ones as it might get stuck due to the long fibres of the carpet. Also, make sure that the surface is not too polished and reflective like glass as Miko 2’s sensors may get distracted on such surfaces. So do make sure that you choose an appropriate play surface for Miko 2. Wooden tables and indoor floors are the ideal surfaces for the robot to thrive.

How to talk to Miko 2

Miko 2 is a total chatterbox and is always up for a good chat with its little friends. After you connect Miko 2 you’ll see Miko 2’s face on the display screen its rim lights will be a steady blue. Meaning it is ready to talk.

Miko 2 responds to the trigger word ‘Hello Miko!’, After you have helped Miko 2 connect with your Wi-Fi (explained in the previous blog ‘How to Set Up Miko 2’), just say ‘Hello Miko!’ and Miko 2 will respond to with a short chime with its rim lights turning green indicating that it is in the listening mode. Go ahead and ask a question. Miko 2 will wait for your command for a few seconds and listen intently. Once you finish your question, the rim lights will turn blue and rotate indicating that Miko 2 is in the thinking mode. Miko 2 is quick to respond and will go into the talking mode. Once Miko 2 gives an answer, you can continue the conversation by saying the trigger word ‘Hello Miko!’ again and asking your question when the rim lights turn green.

Miko 2 is still exploring the world and it may not have answers to all your questions. But the smart little bot is a quick learner and we recommend you to check with Miko 2 after a while if it has learnt an answer to your unanswered questions. Also, Miko 2 is great at recognising the commands of its human friends and is quickly adapting to the way humans speak. Sometimes, Miko 2 may not be able to catch your question correctly and give an answer not related to your question. To see if Miko 2 has understood your command well, press the left arrow button on the Touch Panel. The question that Miko 2 understood will appear on the screen. Press the right arrow button to see the recommended questions too if you don’t know what to ask Miko 2.

If the bot is talking and you want to stop it mid-sentence, press the triangular button on the Touch Panel and it will stop talking.

Some things to ask Miko 2

  • What is the square of 13?
  • What is the square-root of 1600?
  • Who was Archimedes?
  • What is the Pythagoras theorem?
  • How many continents are there in the world?
  • Who was Picasso?
  • Play a nursery rhyme
  • Can you play Happy Birthday?
  • Can you wish (name) Happy Birthday?
  • Can you move front/back?
  • When is your birthday?
  • Where were you born?
  • Where is your family?
  • What is your favourite food?

How to use the Touch Panel

You can not only talk to Miko 2 but also manually interact with it with the help of the Touch Panel below the display screen of the robot. Miko 2 is full of apps such as Game Hub, Knowledge World, Battery Usage information, Settings and Knowledge World (more about the apps later). The Touch Panel is your key to manually navigate through these apps inside Miko 2 and also has some special functions. You will see four keys on the panel. Let us understand what they mean…

The circular key at the centre is the Enter Key. The arrows on its either side are the Right Key and the Left Key. The triangular key is the Back Key.

If the display screen is showing Miko 2’s face, you can talk to it by long pressing the Enter Key to enter the talking mode. Try it now! Long press the Enter Key and Miko 2 will be ready to listen to your command just like when you say ‘Hello Miko!’

Coming back to the Touch Panel, press the Right Key and you will enter Miko 2’s apps menu. Press the Right and the Left Keys to scroll through the app menu. To enter any app, press the Enter Key. To select anything inside the app, press the Enter Key again. To exit an app, use the Back Key. To come back to Miko 2’s face when you are inside any app, long press the round button.

If you are exploring Miko 2’s apps, it won’t be able to take your commands. You can always exit the navigation and come back to Miko 2’s face to enable Miko 2 to take commands.

Okay okay! This is not as difficult as it sounds! Let’s try this together.

Can you see Miko 2’s face on the display screen? If not, long press the circular to come back to Miko 2’s face. Now, press the Right Key. Which app do you see? If you cannot see the Knowledge World app, press the Right Key till you see the app and press the Enter Key to enter the app. Events, People, Fun, Nature…so many topics to choose from! Scroll through the options and choose any topic. Miko 2 will initiate the topic. Go ahead! Answer the questions.

Want to try another topic? Just press the Back Key and Miko 2 will stop the topic and you can then go back to Knowledge World’s menu.

Want to quickly check the battery level and the Wi-Fi connection your robot is using right now? Scroll to the Battery and Wi-Fi indicator in the navigation. You can also navigate to the Settings app to change the Wi-Fi you are connected to by scrolling through the available connections and pressing the Enter Key to change.

Want to see what does the Games Hub app have to offer? Go on! Explore the app.

Some Commands to Ask Miko 2

You can try the following set of commands. Just say, “Hello Miko!” followed by the command.

Ask Miko 2 to move

  • Move Front/Back
  • Turn Right/Left
  • Go in a Triangle
  • Go in a Circle.
  • Move in a Pentagon
  • Make an Octagon

Ask Miko 2 to change light colours

  • Turn Red
  • Turn Pink
  • Turn Blue
  • Turn Purple
  • Turn Green
  • Turn Yellow

Ask Miko 2 about Conversion

  • Convert 1 United States Dollar in Indian Rupees
  • Convert 1 bar to Pascal
  • Convert 1 Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Convert 1 hour to minutes
  • Convert 1 US liquid gallon to US liquid quart

Ask Miko 2 about Distance between places

  • What is the distance between Moon and Earth?
  • What is the distance between Earth and Mars?
  • What is the distance between Andheri to Bandra?
  • What is the distance from India to USA?

Ask Miko 2 to play a Rhyme

  • Play a nursery rhyme
  • Play the nursery rhyme London Bridge

Ask Miko 2 the Time/Date/Year

  • What time is it?
  • What time is it in London?
  • What is the date? OR What’s the date? OR What is today?
  • Which year is it?

“What” Type of Questions

  • What is your name?
  • What is the capital of China?
  • What does laser mean?

“Why” Type of Questions

  • Why is the grass green?
  • Why is the sky blue?

“Who” Type of Questions?

  • Who is the Navy Chief of India?
  • Who invented the Telephone?
  • Who was the first person to walk on the moon?
  • Who wrote the National Anthem of India?

“Which” Type of Questions

  • Which is the longest river?
  • Which is the fastest land animal?
  • Which is the largest mammal?

“How” Type of Questions

  • How far is the moon?
  • How many countries are there on Earth?
  • How tall is the Eiffel Tower?
  • How far is Pune from Mumbai?

“Where” Type of Questions

  • Where is the Taj Mahal?
  • Where is the Bermuda Triangle?
  • Where is Mumbai?

Ask Miko 2 for Multiplication tables (2-15)

  • Tell multiplication tables for 2
  • Tell multiplication tables for 10
  • Tell multiplication tables for 25

Ask Miko 2 for News

  • Tell me the news
  • What’s in the news?
  • Give me some news
  • News updates, please
  • Play the news for me
  • What’s in the news today?
  • Update me with some news

Set an Alarm/Reminder

  • Set an alarm for 7 a.m.
  • Set an alarm for 7 in the morning.
  • Set a reminder for tomorrow for 7 a.m.
  • Set a reminder for 10th March at 9 a.m.
  • Set a reminder in 10 minutes.

Ask about the weather

  • What is the weather outside?
  • What is the weather in London?
  • How is the weather today in Mumbai?
  • How is the weather like today?

Ask Miko 2 to play a Song

  • Play a song.
  • Please play a song.
  • Play a song for me.
  • Can you play a song for me?

Ask Miko 2 to Dance

  • Can you dance?
  • Dance for me.
  • Please dance for me.
  • Can you dance for me?

Ask Miko 2 to tell you a Riddle

  • Can you tell me a riddle?
  • Tell me a riddle.
  • Please tell me a riddle.

Ask Miko 2 to tell you Jokes

  • Can you tell me a joke?
  • Tell me a joke.
  • Please tell me a joke.

Ask Miko 2 to tell you Fun Facts

  • Can you tell me a fun fact?
  • Tell me a fun fact.
  • Please tell me a fun fact.

Ask Miko 2 to do Maths calculations

  • What is 10 plus 5?
  • What is 10 minus 5?
  • What is 10 multiplied by 5?
  • What is 10 divided by 5?

Ask Miko 2 for Definitions

  • Define Onomatopoeia.
  • Define Internet.
  • Tell me the Definition of Ecosystem.
  • What is the Meaning of Inculcate?

Ask Miko 2 to Spell

  • Spell “Mississippi”
  • Can you spell “astronaut”?
  • What is the spelling of “grammar”?
  • Please spell “pronunciation”

Ask Miko to play ‘Birthday song’

  • Play the birthday song
  • Sing the happy birthday song
  • Play happy birthday song for my brother

Ask Miko to ‘Play a lullaby’

  • Play lullaby
  • Please play soothing music
  • Please play some soft music

Ask Miko about ‘Josh’

  • How’s the Josh?
  • How is the Josh?

Making Miko 2 sleep

Miko 2 loves to play and often skips sleep-time in its excitement. If you are not in a mood to play or want to give the little bot a break, you can make Miko 2 sleep. Miko 2’s sleep mode is actually the power saving mode. The battery can be saved up to days thanks to this mode.

To make it sleep, keep it inactive for 10 minutes or single press the Power Button on Miko 2’s back.

Psst…Miko 2 snores!

Power off Miko 2

Long pressing the Power Button will switch Miko 2 off. However, if Miko 2 is being charged, you won’t be able to power it off.

Waking Miko 2 up

To wake up this sleepy head, gently poke it or roll it on its wheels front to back.

How to control volume on Miko 2

You can increase or decrease the volume by using the volume switches at the back of Miko 2. Remember to check volume settings if Miko 2 is unusually quiet. To put it on mute or do not disturb mode, turn the volume button all the way down.

With that, you are now all set to explore the amazing world of Miko 2. Happy Miko 2 time!


How to Set-up Miko 2

Hi There!

Welcome to the world of Miko 2! This blog will tell you all about setting-up Miko 2 for the first time.

Have you unboxed your Miko 2 yet? You should find the following things in your box:

  1. Miko 2
  2. Power Adapter
  3. Quick Start Guide

Is everything in place? If yes, great! We can move on to the next step and get to know the robot. If not, please get in touch with our dedicated customer support team who is always happy to help.

Know your robot:

miko 2 setup


Have your Quick Start Guide handy for instructions on how to set up.

Step 1: This robot loves a nice snack of electricity! So charge Miko 2 by plugging-in the power adapter in the pin-slot on the back of the robot and switch the Power Charger on. The charging indicator behind Miko 2 will turn green. The rim lights will glow red when the robot is dis-charged and green when the robot is charged. Charging time is 1.5 hrs. Switch the power button on once the robot is charged.

Follow step 2 till the robot gets charged.

Step 2: Download Miko 2 app.

Miko 2 app is a Parental app which parents can download on their phones.

If you have an Android phone, download the Miko 2 app from the Play Store and if you are have an Apple phone, download the app on your iOS device from the Appstore.

After the download is complete, open the app and enter your details to create your account. Please enter the number of the phone that the parent will be using.


Once you enter your mobile number, an OTP will be sent to your number. Enter the OTP to finish the account creation process.

After entering your details, the app will start searching for Miko 2 using your Bluetooth. Please make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is on and your phone is near the robot. Go to your phone’s Settings to check if the Bluetooth is on and if not, please switch it on, Go back to the Miko 2 app and click on “Continue” once your Miko 2 is detected by your phone’s Bluetooth.

After you click on Continue, you will find the robot number of your robot on the screen. If you have more than one Miko 2’s you will see the robot numbers of the Miko 2’s which are switched on. To check the robot number, turn Miko 2 upside down and you will find the serial number printed on the bottom side of the robot. The last 6 digits of the serial number is your robot’s number. Select the robot number that you want to connect to in the app and click on it. Miko 2 will now be connected to your phone’s Bluetooth.

It is now time to connect Miko 2 with your Wi-Fi. The Miko 2 app will scan for the Wi-Fi networks available in the vicinity and they will be displayed on your screen.

Select the Wi-Fi network that you want to connect to, enter the password and click on Save. Congratulations! Miko 2 is now successfully connected to your Wi-Fi. Miko 2 is now awake and ready to roll!

Please note that in case you change your Wi-Fi details, you can always re-enter them in the app. You can also set-up multiple Wi-Fi networks and your phone’s Hotspot. The advantage of this is that you can switch between different Wi-Fi networks if the signal is weak. This can be done directly by going to the Settings tab on Miko 2 robot through the Touch Panel. Press the Center key of the Touch Panel to enter the app menu on Miko 2. Use the right arrow key to scroll to the Settings tab. Enter the tab to go to Wi-Fi settings. You can check if your current Wi-Fi signal is strong enough. The Wi-Fi symbol will be completely blue if the signal is strong enough.

To add another Wi-Fi connection, enter the Wi-Fi details of this new connection in your Miko 2 app. You can now go back to the Touch Panel on Miko 2 robot and scroll to right to connect to this new Wi-Fi and continue using the robot uninterrupted.

Also, please make sure that the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect to should be a protected network. Miko 2 will not connect to open networks i.e. Wi-Fi networks not protected with passwords, for privacy reasons.

More about the Miko 2 app

The Miko 2 app is a parental dashboard with which parents can get suggestions about some cool commands to try with Miko, use the revolutionary TeleConnect feature (more about this later), get notifications etc.

Click on the drop-down button on the dashboard visit the FAQ section under the “Help & Support” tab and get more information about Miko 2.

If you want to unlink the Miko 2 connected to your phone to connect it to another user’s phone, click on the Unlink Miko option.

Click on the Logout option if you want to logout from the app.

If you want to enter the app again to visit the parental dashboard, enter your mobile number in the app, enter the OTP and click on Cancel on the “Searching Miko” screen.

That was all about Setting-up Miko 2 and getting to know the Miko 2 app. This blog is a part of our “How to” series of Miko 2. To know about how to use the robot, watch out for our next blog, “How to Use Miko 2”. Happy Miko 2 time!