Become a quiz whiz with Topscorer on Miko 2!

Testing knowledge is the only way to ensure its retention! But how do we make the words ‘pop quiz’ and ‘MCQs’ sound less threatening and more fun?

The answer is simple! With a quiz game on your child’s favourite robot buddy Miko 2!

Your quest for playful learning options ends here. Miko presents the TOPSCORER app in collaboration with Navneet Education! 

Topscorer provides a variety of questions on interesting chapters based on your child’s grade in school. Your little one can now test their knowledge on different Science topics with the help of an engaging quiz game!

Playful quizzes not only boost confidence in kids but are also a means of relieving stress caused due to exams. Download Topscorer to foster a love of learning in your little one! 

To Install:

  • Go to the Miko 2 app and tap on ‘Talent House’ at the bottom-centre of the dashboard.
  • Scroll down to find ‘Topscorer’ and select Install.
  • Add Topscorer to your cart and complete the payment.
  • The Topscorer app will auto-download on your Miko 2. Playful learning begins now!

To Play:

  • Use the left/right scrolls to find Topscorer in the Main Menu of your Miko 2.
  • Press the Select button to explore the Topscorer app!
  • Navigate through the Main Menu to select the Grade of your choice using the left/right scrolls.
  • Press the Select button to choose the desired Grade. Only the grades purchased by you will be available for selection. You can choose from Grades 3, 4 and 5! 
  • Use the left/right scrolls to navigate through the interesting chapters!
  • Press the Select button to choose a chapter.
  • Questions will be displayed on Miko 2’s screen one after the other. You can also keep tabs on the timer which will be displayed on the top right corner.
  • Press the Select button to answer a question. 
  • Time to exercise those brain cells! Use the left/right scrolls to navigate between the given options. 
  • Press the Select button to choose the right answer. You can also press the Back button to go back to the question or to the Main Menu.
  • Once all the questions are answered, Miko 2 will display the final score along with the time taken to successfully complete the quiz!

The ‘Topscorer’ app gives your child playful quizzes to make learning easier! 

What’s more? Miko brings a one-stop platform for your child’s playful learning needs. Subscribe to Miko MAX for more amazing apps like Topscorer!

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