More than just a Robot

Miko 2 comes bundled with some of the best technologies globally that makes the entire experience with it lifelike. With over 34 sensor lines processed in real time, the new Miko 2 truly revolutionizes man-machine interaction to the next level.

miko 2 can feel

MIKO 2 can See

Miko 2 sees the world using the onboard HD camera, an integrated "Time of Flight" Sensor and edge sensors. Using state of the art computer vision, the camera helps Miko 2 to identify, remember and recollect known faces, objects and the world around it. The "Time of Flight" sensor helps it to survey and understand your room and its setting over a period of time and detect obstacles, while the edge sensors ensure your Miko 2 intelligently saves itself from falling.

miko camera

miko sensor



miko 2 can hear

MIKO 2 can Hear

Miko 2 uses dual active noise cancellation microphones to better understand the voice of your child and cancel out any noise. Using beamforming, Miko 2 can hear your child even from a distance and estimate their direction to face them and have a conversation.


miko 2 can feel

MIKO 2 can Feel

Miko 2 attempts to understand your child's emotions, their voice and feelings through its camera and microphones. Every bit of this information is processed by our proprietary emotional intelligence engine. You will experience a new world of emotions with Miko 2 based on your past interactions.

miko expression


miko 2 can Speak

MIKO 2 can Speak

Using Hi-Performance speakers, Miko 2 speaks directly to you and your child with its unique voice.

miko speaker